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CELL Handout

This handout is designed to introduce and illustrate the research happening within the LSI Research Groups.
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Linda Matsuuchi Lab

Lab research: B cell antigen receptor signaling and function. Regulation of B lymphocyte cytoskeletal dynamics and cell migration
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Don Moerman Lab

Lab research: Muscle development in the nematode Caenorhabditis elelgans.
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Robert Nabi Lab

Lab research: Cell biology of cancer and other diseases.
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Nelly Pante Lab

Lab Research: Molecular mechanism of nuclear import of macromolecules and viruses
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Chris Loewen Lab

Lab research: Understand how the endoplasmic reticulum contacts and communicates with other organelles through defining the molecules that mediate these contacts.
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Wayne Vogl Lab

Motor proteins and spermatid translocation in the seminiferous epithelium; Intercellular junction turnover during spermatogenesis.
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Guy Tanentzapf Lab

Lab research:Integrin function in morphogenesis in the fly. My main scientific interest is in determining how cells come together to form complex structures and then, once formed, how such structures are maintained.
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Cal Roskelley Lab

Lab research:Podocalyxin in Breast Cancer Progression. Solid Tumor Progression Research Unit. Regulation of BRCA1 in Sporadic Ovarian Cancer.
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Joy Richman Lab

Lab research: Facial development.
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John Church Lab

Lab Research: Regulation of intracellular pH and ion homeostasis in mammalian central neurons. Role of Na/H exchangers in neurite morphogenesis.
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The Life Sciences Institute is an innovative multi-Faculty, multi-Department research institute. The goal of the LSI is to generate and sustain innovative, interdisciplinary research dedicated to discovering fundamental biological processes of life, advancing our understanding of disease processes and developing potential therapeutics.
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The Cell and Developmental Biology (CELL) research group focuses on how cells integrate signals and develop into complex multicellular organisms and tissues.

Our goal is to understand the mechanisms that direct cellular function and interactions during development and to determine how these interactions may be disturbed in a wide range of diseases.

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